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PCAT Information for Administrators
and Faculty

These informational documents are available for viewing and downloading.

  • PCAT Basics provides information about PCAT history, contents, structure, administration, and score reporting.

  • Interpreting PCAT Scores provides information useful in interpreting all PCAT scaled scores, percentile ranks, and Writing scores.

  • PCAT Reliability and Validity provides information and research results related to the reliability and validity of the PCAT.

In addition to these three publicly available documents, the printed PCAT Technical Manual (Pearson, 2016) is available only to qualified professionals and contains detailed data for the current normative sample, the current 2015 percentile ranks, and compendium tables that can be used to compare the previous 2011 percentile ranks with the current percentile ranks.

To request a copy of the PCAT Technical Manual, or to offer suggestions regarding the PCAT or other related publications, please contact PCAT Customer Relations:

Workplace Personality Inventory™–II for Pharmacy Students (WPI–II)

Pearson's Workplace Personality Inventory™–II for Pharmacy Students is a flexible assessment that measures 16 job-related personality traits or "work styles," which are also summarized by six domain scores.┬áThese work styles are directly tied to the Department of Labor's O*NET database, which describes their importance for success across a wide range of jobs.┬áThis assessment also includes a fake-resistant "Unlikely Virtues" scale designed to identify individuals who provide overly favorable responses to questions. Administration time is approximately 35 minutes (untimed).

Pharmacy Schools:

  • Use this link to purchase the WPI–II for your students.
    • Tests are $20 each. When you purchase a block of tests, you will get a 25% discount.
    • Payment must be made with a valid credit card drawn from a U.S. bank.
  • Once you have purchased your block of tests you will have two options:
    • 1. Manual Entry
    • 2. Batch Upload
  • Once the students are in the system, they will be sent a link to complete the assessment. They will be asked to:
    • Complete the demographics.
    • Take the Workplace Personality Inventory™–II for Pharmacy Students.
  • Once the WPI–II is completed:
    • The student's Profile Report and Development Report will be sent to your school.
    • The Development Report will also be emailed to the student's email address that was provided.

For more information, refer to the WPI–II for Pharmacy Students Overview, WPI–II Quick Reference, Sample Development Report, Sample Profile Report, and the Quick Start Guide for Schools included to the right.