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PCAT Information for Administrators
and Faculty

These informational documents are available for viewing and downloading.

  • PCAT Basics provides information about PCAT history, contents, structure, administration, and score reporting.

  • Interpreting PCAT Scores provides information useful in interpreting all PCAT scaled scores, percentile ranks, and Writing scores.

  • PCAT Reliability and Validity provides information and research results related to the reliability and validity of the PCAT.

In addition to these three publicly available documents, the printed PCAT Technical Manual (Pearson, 2016) is available only to qualified professionals and contains detailed data for the current normative sample, the current 2015 percentile ranks, and compendium tables that can be used to compare the previous 2011 percentile ranks with the current percentile ranks.

To request a copy of the PCAT Technical Manual, or to offer suggestions regarding the PCAT or other related publications, please contact PCAT Customer Relations: